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What is SMEC?
SMEC (Southern Minnesota Education Consortium) is committed to discover, develop and achieve our student's maximum potential within our local districts and communities. SMEC is composed of the following districts:
Grand Meadow


Consortium Description 
Each school district provides services for federal setting I and II students.  students with more severe needs attend level III programs within the cooperative.  Those programs, and schools that host those programs, are listed below.

Birth - 3 years
Our Birth to 3 year program provides services in the child’s natural environment by our Part C teacher, who works  in each school district in the consortium.

Early Childhood
Each district uses a co-teaching model to provide special education services in the preschool setting. High needs pre-school students attend the Early Childhood program in Adams, MN. 

CARDS Program
Level III  K-12 Autism, located in Leroy, MN. 
FLIGHT Program
Level III  Elementary Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) program located in Lyle, MN.
Success Program
Level III Middle/High school EBD program, located in the Southland High school in Adams, MN.
Enrich Program
Level III K-12 Developmental Cognitive Delay (DCD) program, located in Grand Meadow, MN. 

Next Step
High School transition program for students to practice work skills, and independent living skills in a structured environment to then phase into independence.  This program is located in the Next Step Building in Adams, MN.

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